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Death Blaze (an RP)

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1 Death Blaze (an RP) on Mon May 11, 2009 12:09 am

the land of Zide was once a peaceful town of peaceful peoples until the evil Drakivus cast a curse on the land many humans were turned into monsters and war broke loose the town was destroyed with only a few survivors... the humans outcasting the monster the monsters turned evil and want to destroy the humans

Human Template:
Magic:3 spells or abilities of basicaly anything (NO TIME OR SPACE (or anything like that))
Elemetal magic: magic of an element fire can use lava water can use ice air can use lightning earth can use plant etc.
Main Weapon:(im gonna say no guns sry)
Off-hand: (if your using a 1-h weapon)
Special skill:(cooking,cocktail crafting, black smithing etc.)

Monster Template:
Abilities: abilities related to your monster can be semi-magic such as cloaking or teleporting (once again cannot be too strong)
Monster: (can be basically anything from a skeleton to a plant spider to a pile of garbage etc.)
Other: (opt)
History: (opt)

My template:

Abilities: Flight, can wield human weapons, can attack buff, defense buff, bless, and curse
Monster: Evil Kaoani-ish thing (something like this but evil )

please try this RP!
if you have any ideas how to make this better please help

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2 New Character on Wed May 20, 2009 6:42 am

im gonna see what rp is like


Magic: Plantery, Clouds, Dirt
Elemental Magic: Wood
Main Weapon: Tree Branch
Off-hand: 2"x4"
Special skill: Building things
History: A semi-cranky arcitect. You got a problem with that?
Other: 46 years old. Likes pancakes.


Abilities: Electric
Monster: Static Pig
History: A pig which accidently ran into a power station and got zapped. It still smells like burnt bacon.
Other: 2 years old. Likes pancakes too. Dislikes bacon.

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