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Swords and Staffs (RP) (No acting stupid) (Good grammar plz! Hehe.)

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Kinch hacked at the hard rock with a pick axe. He was at an archaeologic excavation site, and he was an archaeologist. He heard that there was a strange metal here, and several others were hacking with him. Suddenly, he hit a 3'x3' hole. No big deal. These things happen all the time. But that's when he noticed a strange white fire like plasma substance burning at the bottom of the cave. He saw a glass orb and a stick lying beside it. It captivated him. He, studying a bit of science in university, noticed the radioactivity emitting from the strange plasma. Acting on an impulse he didn't know he had, he scooped up the plasma into the orb (he didn't know how, he just did), and stuck it on the
staff-like stick. It looked liked a one of those wizard staves. He held the staff, and felt more powerful. He gazed at the Cesradsod (Thats the name of the element- Kinch named it) and realized something weird was happening. He looked at his arm, and noticed that there was a subtle green aura with golden figures moving around it. Creepy. He left the site and wandered into town. Everybody passed him without a glance. Suddenly, he knew everything. The Cesradsod had given him powers. There was a dragon-snake like deadly monster in the center of the earth called the Blane. He had to choose to release it or not. Kinch's eyes gleamed. Power awaited if he did.

No godmodding
Aura must be randomly generated from
Element must be randomly generated from:
No swearing
No sex but relationships are allowed
You can run out of mana for spells, unless your aura forbids you (like mine!)
All other rules apply

Name of element:
Description of element (includes: plasma or whatnot, color, radioactivity.. just copy and paste):
Aura description:
Aura ability:
Weapon made with element:
Physical Ability (weak, neutral or strong):
Free the Blane?: Y/N

My temp:

Name: Kinch Fox
Name of element: Cesradsod
Description of element (includes: plasma or whatnot, color, radioactivity.. just copy and paste): cesradsod: This captivating white element is a plasma at room temperature. It is very radioactive, and is not toxic.
Aura description: Subtle green with golden figures floating around it
Aura ability:[/b} Cannot run out of mana for spells
[b]Weapon made with element:
Age: 21
Physical Ability (weak, neutral or strong): neutral-strong. In between
Free the Blane?: Y
History: Nothing much to say...
Other: Again, I pretty well described it in the story before.

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Joshua woke up to a spliting headache he got out of bed and stumbeled around untill he found the light switch as he walked to the bathroom to get some advil he noticed a nail was sticking up from the floorboards "great" he muttered he went and got a hammer to pound the nail in but as he bent down to strike the nail back into the floor his headache became so great that he dropped the hammer when the hammer hit the ground it smashed a hole into the floor as he looked down to see where his hammer was he noticed a glittering silver aura and although it seemed impossible he picked the aura up as he got up his headache once again pulsed and he dropped the aura this time onto the loose nail as the aura touched the nail it seemed to dissapear into it puzzeled but determind to pound the nail back in joshua once again reached into the hole for his hammer felling the hilt of something he pulled suddenly the floor and the nail were ripped up (not were joshua was standing) and joshua stood up carring a sword that was almost a metere long!!! it was black but seemed to glitter silver just like the aura he picked up suddenly his headache was gone and he knew all about blane and many other things...

Name: joshua black
Name of element: tinargium
Description of element (includes: plasma or whatnot, color, radioactivity.. just copy and paste): This black element is solid at room temperature. It is not radioactive, and is very toxic.
Aura description: A glittering silver aura. when it is active, some people get headaches.
Aura ability: aside from the person the aura bonded with everyone gets a headache when they are close enough the closer you get the worse your headache
Weapon made with element: bastard sword
IQ: 120
Age: 23
Physical Ability (weak, neutral or strong): strong (duh bastard swords are HEAVY)
Free the Blane?: N
History: ... anything you haven't read yet you'll find out later
Other: 1and1/2 hand's his sword has a mysterois scar across his right eye has sliver hair which he dyes black

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(( Note that the title of this rp included good grammar. Thank you!))
Accepted, otherwise. We'll just see whether Theeef wants to to join...

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Alright, lets start.

Kinch placed a shard of the Bracelet, a small ring that the Blane used to wear. He focused and tapped his staff. His eyes glowed, and so did the cesradsod as he began a summoning ritual.

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joshua realized that kinch was trying to free blane so he jumped upon him gracing kinch's ankle kinch then got a headache and felt immense pain in his foot

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Kinch screamed in pain, "ARRGGGHHH! MY HEAD!!!!" Then he yelled, "FREE THE BLANE!!!! CESRADSOD!!!! MEGABLAST!!!!" A huge blast of cersradsod came... well... blasting out of the orb, and directly hit Joshua and sent him flying back. Kinch wasn't sure, but he thought he already noticed the radiation taking place. He glanced at the sword he had. Tinargium? Wasn't that its name? He thought so. Anyways, he picked it up and decided it would be a worthy sacrifice for his new ruler.

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as kinch picked up the sword his head felt as though it would burst and kinch threw it as far away from him as possible conveniently it landed right next to joshua joshua stood up and shook the mildly radioactive stuff off joshua realized that he could die from radeation but he wasn't exposed for long enough joshua then picked up his sword and slashed kinch's other ankle the pain in his feet and head forced him to kneel

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Kinch kneeled, which Joshua obviously thought was because his ankle hurt. Actually, he was praying to the Blane. He tossed the piece of the Bracelet into the air, as multiple pieces around the world, flying as if magnetic-ified to the piece. Suddenly, the Bracelet was complete. Kinch put it on, and burst into Cesradsod, none of the radioactivity harming him. His wounds instantly healed and he shot a blast of Cesradsod at Joshua.

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oh... screw highly radioactive... well then joshua might die... but not yet joshua created a wall of Tinargium the radioactivity and toxin's cancelled each other out and it became an ordinary wall joshua then slashed at kinches wrist giving him minor blood poisoning

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kiffler was just minding his business when suddenly he heard something explode he went to see wat it was but couldnt find anything suddenly something else exploded and he went to where he thought he heard it he went to a hatch and opened it convienently the aura was there. he picked it up and suddenly he knew everything he saw a mace with a strange blob at the end and took it.

Name:Kiffler Zealot
Name of element: Scanen
Description of element: This translucent green element is amorphous at room temperature. It is very radioactive, and is incredibly toxic.
Aura description: A shifting black aura with red glows in it. it resembles a flame
Aura ability: when it is active, electrical devices explode.
Weapon made with element: Mace
Physical Ability: neutral
Free the Blane?:N
Other:likes cake and pudding

kiffler went to the area with the blane and saw someone trying to release him

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Amphorous? Accepted, but what is that? Solid? Plasma?

Kinch swore, but instantly healed. It hurt, though. He shot another blast at him.

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amorphous is basically no definite shape and is kinda solid

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... so amorphous is like plasma+solid. I kind of get it. Accepted.

Kinch swore as he saw the newcomer. He stamped his foot, and the cesradsod flew off him in all directions. He disappeared.

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Mimi was wandering through a library when she saw a book she had been looking for forever she picked it out of the shelf and opened it, only to find that the book was not actually a book but a hidden compartment, and in that compartment was a strange grey blob that gave off slight heat, which lead her to believe that it was slightly radioactive, and possibly poisonous. She pinched a corner between two fingers and drew it out of the "book". She then placed said "book" back on the shelf. As she was doing she the... blob... was stretching and curving, until it was ina shape resembling a bow, however, there was some excess. She took the blob home and formed the excess into several arrows. They held their shape when in her hands, but flopped when she placed them down. Strange... she thought and walked out of her home to practice with her new weapon.

Name: Mimi Taylor
Name of element: Rhodurnitcer
Description of element (includes: plasma or whatnot, color, radioactivity.. just copy and paste): This grey element is amorphous at room temperature. It is slightly radioactive, and is extemely toxic. When combined with berium, the resultant fusion is extemely explosive.
Aura description:A glittering violet aura with green sparks on the fringe. it resembles a star.
Aura ability: Gives the ability to create a bright flash of light that may cause permanent blindness. (I had to come up with that myself)
Weapon made with element: Bow and arrows
IQ: 130
Age: 17
Physical Ability (weak, neutral or strong): neutral
Free the Blane?: N
History: Grew up with her mother and father, but they were killed in an accident when she was 6.
Other: Generally praised for her looks, but she has a lot more than that.

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kiffler spinning his mace around created a swirl of scanen around the cesradsod and nulifying almost all of it the rest was just extremely weak and had no effect on anything

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