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shadow children

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51 Re: shadow children on Fri Jun 05, 2009 2:17 am

Matt knew that sooner or later the TTC would find him here and he needed more help, then he remembered Ivan and although he was annoying at time's he was a wind adept and matt needed one he jumped through the shadow and reapered in "the golden sun world" inside of lumerania the city had seen better day's but for the moment it was fine matt then shouted "IVAN GET THE HECK OUT HERE and since the town wasn't very large because it's easyer to stay hidden Ivan quickly jumped out "sup" Ivan said "I'll tell you what's up THE TTC IS UP I TOLD YOU TO HOLD THEM OFF" Matt yelled "whoa chill shadow dude I tried but baly anyone came with me and all of them died now nobody is willing to volentier anymore they just want to enjoy the few year's they have left untill the TTC find's them and kill's them all as they are adepts" Ivan replied "hmm well your excuse is sound... i supose.. i could let you off... BUT only if you come wih me to recruit more" "i dunno i mean shadow travel exausts me... and-" but Matt interupted "oh so the mortal is a chiken and values his own skin more than the intire world YOUR JUST LIKE THEESE PEOPLE" "okay man okay i'll go with you (mumbles stupid fire adept)" okay but first i need to help this girl i met as she's going o get a vist from TTC very soon" (Ivan roll's eyes) "oh sure your "going to save her life" HA yeah right you just want to look a a chick" "shut up Ivan or i'll pin you to the ground and beat you to a pulp" "okay okay let's go" Ivan replied Ivan grabbed Matt's hand and Matt and Ivan reapeared in tzenna's "paridice" 10 second's after they stepped through a squad of TTC troop's walked out Ivan looked at Matt "run?" Ivan asked "RUN" Matt screamed and they sprinted as fast as they could to wherever they though tzenna was (either you moved while they were gone or they went to a different shadow) as they ran the grass behind them began too develp sirios holes

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52 Re: shadow children on Fri Jun 12, 2009 4:33 am

as they ran Ivan asked "so why do you need this girl anyway is whe hot or what?" "STOP SAYING THAT!" Matt yelled "and it's because... well... i think that she's an earth adept" "WHAT" Ivan exclaimed "but i mean i though all the earth adept's were dead... i mean they were the TTC's first target" "ya well i could be wrong but she could summon animals and i only know of earth adept's that could do that, although i could be mistaken" "yeah... well nowonder you thought she was hot i mean no offence bu-" but Ivan was interupted and Matt slaped him on the check "OW!" Ivan exclaimed "that hurt!" "so whataya say we3 kick some TTC behind" Matt said trying to change the subject "oh... i suppose so" Ivan answered and with that the two began creating spout's of fire erupt beneath the TTC member's and fry them up with lightning from the sky whilst throwing fire daggers and wind half cresent's which were alot sharper that you'd expect but more and more enemy's kept coming and they slowly reatreated hoping that tzenna would help them either that or they'd get to a shadow

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