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... a pokemon rp??? (aka pokemon night/dawn/day)

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okay... i'll make this breif
team dimention(the new bad guys) have taken over all of the fesf region and dimentioal portal's are appearing all over it several forcefield's are protecting what remain's of the allies and humanity (not the team dimention workers) team dimention has begun destroying all pokedexes and pokeball's and has systimaticly aniallated all but a few pokemon with the exeption of the one's team dimention is experimenting on. team dimention is learning how to use pokemon's energy as their own and how to turn into pokemon themselves you are one of the few trainer's that still has 1 pokeball

no godmodding
no starting out with a cheap pokemon (first evolotion ONLY)
ONLY 1 POKEMON (unless you have permition from me to get another and the reason has two be good
THIS IS NOT A GAME WITH "levels" you simply fight to stop or help team dimention


hometown: (just invent a name out of the blue)
side: (allies team dimention neutral)
weapon: (ie gun sword axe bow ect)
charectoristics opt:
other opt:

my template

name: derrik long
gender: male (duh)
age: 18
pokemon: male ralts (if you want pic search: pokemon ralts)
hometown: sercal
side: nuetral/allies
weapon: electro whip/gun (if you play brawl then it's simaler to zero suit samus's weapon)
charectoristics opt: kind helpful loud
other opt: hate's the war prefer's to use his pokemon to battle not himself

if any question's just ask

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Name: Lucas
Gender: male
Age: 7 but is really mature. People treat him like a kid but he's as smart as a 22 year old and he acts like one.
Pokemon: Kinch (Tyrogue. Will evolve to Hitmontop)
Hometown: (just invent a name out of the blue) Rhodium Town
Side: (allies team dimention neutral)... is seven years old... not neutral... more like undecided. His dad is a t.d. so that will probably influence his decision later on
Weapon: (ie gun sword axe bow ect) baton (totally knows how to use it. Member doug when we fought and i used one? Like four times better than that)
Characteristics opt: loyal, fun, kind... very smart...
Other opt: has this unbearable cute look that gets him pretty well whatever he wants

When do we start?

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okay were not starting yet but we will soon and wyatt just tell me do you want to join my new rp or not!

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...member when we talked about it at my house?... well, member i didn't really like it?... sry... but I might join if you make the summary A BIT MORE EASIER TO UNDERSTAND!!!!

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okay i'll tell u right now:

it's about people who have died but haven't expirenced all emotion's so they are granted immortality the point of the game is to fuffil whatever the hell it is you need to fuffil

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ummm how did you get a pokeball (kinda a stupid question) you need to be atleast 10 to get a pokemon (but you prolly just foudn it and used it ant what ever else)

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no pokeball. They just made friends!

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name: EdfRgh
gender: Male
age: 12(late for pokemon lol)
pokemon: Charmander
hometown: Yes Town
side: Allies
weapon:(why do we need a weapon in pokemon?) Axe
charectoristics: Good at running.

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uh dude this is not pokemon this is just people that use pokemon sorta like a second weapon THIS IS WAR

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ik doug. My guys made friends BEFORE the war.

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ya i know wyatt i'm just talkin ta al and phil oh and btw JOIN MY NEW RP IT'S THE ONLY ONE GOING SOMEWERE (but NO being too cheap)

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