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Salt's First RP (its called: Connection)

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1 Salt's First RP (its called: Connection) on Fri May 29, 2009 4:15 am

Alright. Everyone listen up. I added a bit of the story... but if you want the rest to present go back to the original topic.

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Note: _____ is the selected animal

You're in a renovated shower, warm water pouring around you. You sigh, it's so heavenly. You look around the now-unfamilliar shower and notice an interesting and intricate shape on the wall. You lean on it while you wash your armpits. You suddenly see a flash, and you're gone. Luckily, in this new place, your clothes are back on. You look around, and see a guy who looks kinda like Merlin or Gandalf. He says hello, and indicates for you to follow. You think that maybe you're dreaming, so why not? You follow, and he gives you a small sphere. You hold it, and feel its warmth. You notice that on the sphere there is the same pattern as the side of your shower. You look around and see other kids walking around. You look at Merlin/Gandalf. He asks: "What's your favorite animal?" Confused, you answer: "_____" He nods. Suddenly, the sphere is burning hot. Then it is cold, glows and you feel a pain in your chest.
You see a ______ come out from behind a wall and touch you. Then the _____ winces, and walks away. Your pain is gone, but you feel a strange connection to the _____.
You see a flash, and you're back in the shower. You go out the next day, and are mugged. Suddenly, your eyes glow, and you use abilities that are normally constricted to _____s. You realize that you have a connection to that animal. That night, you lean against the wall again, but instead of disappearing, Merlin/Gandalf appears. He informs you that two contrary forces inside of the earth are waking up, and in fact those two forces are what created the universe. Light Gaia and Dark Gaia. Dark Gaia wishes to have the universe private to him and whoever follows, and Light Gaia is trying to stop him. Some time later, you see the animal appear. You notice that the ______ has human intelligence, and other things human. You two team up, and decide which side are you on. Normally, your parents wouldn't say you are the center of the earth, but you either help or destroy someone who is. *INSERT MYSTERIOUS MUSIC HERE* Which side are you on?


Light Gaia or Dark Gaia:
Three Animal traits you gain:
History (opt):
Other (opt)


My temp:

Name: Jack Flicker
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Light Gaia or Dark Gaia: Light Gaia
Animal: Dragon
Three Animal traits you gain:
-Breath Fire
- Can grow wings fast and fly fast. Can also hide wings really well.
-Sharp fingernails. Can change into claws.
Origin: Canadian
History (opt): Grew up in Vancouver, Canada. Mother killed in car accident on the day Dark Gaia woke up.
Other (opt): Blames his mother's death on Dark Gaia, so he seeks to destroy him and avenge his mom.

Before you ask, yes you can join. I will change this sentence when it is closed.


Name: zephiel
Age: 15
Gender: male
Light Gaia or Dark Gaia: light gaia
Animal: lepord
Three Animal traits you gain:
-can transform into giant cat (leapord)has a tail and long ears which he tries to hide with clothing
-can run extremly fast
-has claws even in human form (they grow were his fingernails and sometimes toe nails are)
Origin: alberta canada
History : was an orphan since he was 5 was draphted into the army at 13 escaped the army min 14 despizes war unless absolutly nesasary or if he is in beast form. wants to oblitorate dark gaia as he belives he starts all wars
Other: has a tail and long ears even out of human form but he tries to hide it with clothing also he suspects almost everyone due to the army and his cat like senses (minor)

We need some guys from dark gaia to really get the plot started... but we can start now!

Jake peered over the narrow ledge. He heard and saw gunfire. More Connectors, although these were part hawk and the other part peregrine falcon.
He jumped over and unleashed a major blast of fire.
WHOOSH! It obliterated the falcon.
The hawk shifted back to normal.
"Thanks." he said. Obviously he was working for Light Gaia. He shifted again and flew off.
Jake heard a rustle. His head whipped around.
(your the rustle)


zephiel, not realizing that jake was working for light gaia as he new the attacked hawk well and saw that jake was a powerful dragon leaped out of the bushed istantly turning into his animal a large cat/leapord and leaped upon the parcialy expecting jake (you retaliate)


ame: Ferren
Age: 27
Gender: male
Light Gaia or Dark Gaia: nutral/dark
Animal: None yet
Three Animal traits you gain:
Origin: unknown
History : you'll find out later
Other : ofter called the angel of death is known to betray trusts nobody rarly talks


Ferren sees this fight and takes the opritunity to prepare to make a kill in the name of dark gaia or the dark lord but suddenly the attacked hawk notices and knocks Ferren down and as Ferren falls down a rather big cliff the hawk leaves him for dead and leavs but unfortunatly for the hawk Ferren managed to grab on to a small lege out of view and slowly began to acend up the cliff relishing the thought of obliterating the two fighting men and later when he had time that damn hawk as he slowly reached the top the two fightin men had no idea that they could die not by eachother very very soon


Name:Kiffler Ogos
Gender: Male
Light Gaia or Dark Gaia: Dark Gaia
Three Animal traits you gain:
- Temporary invisibility
- Tongue that can shoot out really fast and stun
- can run up walls and walk on ceilings
Origin: Canadian
Other: can do a 1 hit KO with knife but cant be invisible and has MAJOR lag before and after the attack

(a few things
1. am i too strong?
2. is it too late to join?)


First of all: Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeef (i dunno) you can join

and doug, i attacked the peregrine falcon... whatever.

Jake retaliated, spinning, and as his wings caught friction, the air currents flew at zephiel in the form of a vortex. "Dark Gaia shall die!" Jake growled.
He noticed in the corner of his peripheral vision someone falling off a cliff, and with a quick slash of his claws, he bent the earth so a small ledge slid out. (dont ask how he did that, he's been training for a while)

zephiel puzzeld shouted dark gaia but i'm for light gaia YOUR dark gaia now DIE he said then returning to beast form he lunged at Jake in an attempt to subdue him to stop him from causing further "harm"

*bush rustles*

Ferren quickly jumped of the ledge right before it colapsed and then charged screaming HAHAHA i am dark gaia's assaliant the angel of death zephiel puzzeled untransformed Ferren took this chance to strike at zephiel and he pulled out his two knives and prepared to kill

Something whips from a bush nearby and stuns Zephiel. you then hear a quiet voice "hehe"

zephiel fortunatly saw this coming due to his slightly sharper senses and doged the stun tounge and a Ferren crashed down on zephiel preparing to strike zephiel extended his claws and cut Ferren in the face Ferren enraged by this got into a hand to hand combat with zephiel claw vs steel

Jake dives out of the way. He focused, and claws grew out of his fingers. His wings expanded to a major size, he blew fire. The fire surrounded him, and when the smoke cleared up, two dragons were standing there- Jake in a different form, and the dragon he bonded with. They reared up and blew a blast of Light Fire (it only affects Dark Gaia's servants and it only knocks them out.)They spread their wings and flew up to get a god's-eye view of the battle below.

zephiel took this opritunity to knock Ferren off the cliff (again) and then transformed into a beast to get the thing in the bushes

Ferren as he fell shouted out HAWK SQUADREN MOVE OUT at that time half a dozen hawks came out of nowere (one rescueing the falling Ferren) and the otheres attacking the leapored and the two dragons with their sharp talons and claws Ferren then orderd the hawk he was flying on to move back to base camp to get reinforcments

Jake whipped his claw around, and it knocked into Zephiel. Zephiel lay on the ground with Jake's claw pressing hard on his chest. A rib cracked. "Light or Dark Gaia?" he boomed. His other claw whipped into the bushes and grabbed the figure. Jake asked the bush-man the same question.


Jake knew hawks were pecking at him. But he just ate them.

zephiel then unformshifted and said a very suppresed ouch for god sakes i'm light gaia i thought YOU were dark gaia now let me go i can't breath you nitwit besides Ferren's getting away... ow!!!!! i was injoying having that rib in one peace, zephiel then wrigled free and attempted to get up but only succeded in getting up and then falling to his knees and then fell face first onto the ground he was clearly unconcios


Ferren arrived at base camp and then told all avalible flying troops to move out giving him 3 wyverns 2 dragons and around 50 hawks he then told 30 hawks to sit down and he only needed 1 dragon and 2 wyverns then he jumped on the dragons back and charged with all of his choosen troops


The "Bush-man" says nothing but his tongue whips out stuns the dragon then takes out a knife slashes the dragon, releasing him. Then the "Bush-man" turns invisible...


Ferren finally gets back noticing that the dragon is stuned orders his troops tocapture it and should the need arise stun it again fortunetly for zephiel Ferren left him for dead and just before Ferren's men could put the stuned dragon in a net a flurry of tigers cougars and leaporeds leapt out of the bushes attacking and enemy in sight (Ferren's men) they had also managed to knock the thing in the bushes unconcios and left it for dead several of the animal's that leapt out of the bushes untransfomred (they were clearly medics) and attended to the fallen dragon (Jake) and zephiel


zephiel realizing that his men had arraved and had reciving medical attentionhe jumped up and although it still hut he could still stand, and more importently fight he then shifted into a beast and leapt apon one of the wyverns and started brutally clawing and biting it's weaker underbelly once he had severly weakened the wyvern he moved on to killing the enemy hawks


The thing in the bush was actualy a log and the bush-man thought to be in the bush was actualy in the tree and was about to slash Zephiel with his knife...


Jake grabbed light gaia's other friend and flew upwards. He slashed at the enemies repeatedly coming at him, and killed them all. Suddenly, his vision went blurry with a white light. Light Gaia's spirit was in his body, Jake realized. He heard Light Gaia's voice. Ah... heavenly. Wait a minute. That was a good idea LG told him. Hmm...
Jake fell to the ground and shifted back.
"Bane Blaze!" he shouted for the sake of it, and shot a huge blast of Fire and Wind. It knocked Dark Gaia's assailants to the ground.
Jake screamed, "Death to Dark Gaia!"


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2 Re: Salt's First RP (its called: Connection) on Fri May 29, 2009 4:17 am

Last couple o posts. By the by, Julia your accepted.


???... okay wyatt i suggest redoing that post and what does: Jake wanted himself mean???


Name: Kayla Scott
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Light Gaia or Dark Gaia: Light Gaia
Animal: Tiger
Three Animal traits you gain:
Uber eyesight
... Claws
Origin: Born in Seachelt B.C., grew up in Vancouver
History (opt) :
Other (opt): Has a boyfriend (I may make him too, in another rp)

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