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1 HERO.COM/VILAIN.NET (Another RP) on Fri May 29, 2009 5:19 am


Hey all. Sorry if this post is a bit, say, out of order...

This RP is based on the books:

HERO.COM is a mysterious website founded by the superhero Eric Kirby, or Captain Courageous and the rest of the HERO (Hyper Energy Research Organization) team. HERO.COM allows for young kids to download superpowers and become the next generation of heroes at the small charge of money for 'learning responsibility'.
However, the Council of Evil (leaders of all supervilains) copied it, and made VILAIN.NET, for young supervilains kids, who don't have to pay for downloading superpowers, but after a while they want you to assist a true supervilain. There are two kinds of superhumans: Primes and Downloaders. Primes are born with their powers. Downloaders download their powers. They each have their ups and downs. Primes have unlimitage time usage, but they can't change their powers. Downloaders can change powers at any time, but they can only use them an hour or so__________ Now, just to add some pop to it, I'm gonna add some pop to it. GODLY.CA. Every time you defeat someone of the opposite ethics or do something b]I[/b think is impressive, you gain 1 xp. I'll keep track. After 75 xp, you'll gain access to GODLY.CA and can download one power. It then disappears. The power is permanent...

Oh yeah. There is a special prison for supervilains: Diablo Island Penitentiary. Also, by the by, there is a Prime prisoned there (evil) who can manipulate time. A power worthy of GODLY.CA

GODLY.CA. Let me explain that to you. If you have read the books, you will presumably
be able to guess some of these powers. Here is a couple of examples of godly powers.
-Yogh-Shuggor's (i think i spelled that right) power: Life span control
-Chromosome's power: Creating life
-Lord Eon's power: Time control
-Psych's power: Completely rewiping people's minds.
And a couple others.

Ok. There are two base plots (the first plots. More will reveal themselves). If you're a hero, you'll know that the dangerous Lord Eon (that prime with the godly power) is escaping. You have to stop him. And feel free to imprison any other supervilains along the way. If you're a supervilain, you'll learn that VILAIN.NET is being hacked by a superhero to remove it. You have to locate that source. And feel free to kill any other heroes that get in your way.


(1) No god modeling. The only time you can only be close, is when I give you one of the options of powers from GODLY.CA and you use it.
(2) All swearing must be replaced by *s.
(3) Romance is OK. But, if you do make out, don't write down the details, all right?

Prime Template:

Superhuman name:
Human name (opt.):
Powers (can't be insane. remember, you wouldn't really get a choice):

Downloader Template:

Which website:


Superhuman name: Aura
Human name (opt.):John
Powers (can't be insane. remember, you wouldn't really get a choice):
-Aura sight
-Hack - Can hack any computer
Ethics: Good... Nobody knows this yet, but I'm the hacker.
Personality: Cheerful.
History: Discovered powers when playing in toxic waste. Parents yelled and Aura saw a red light around them
Gender: Male
Other: N/A
Sorry for short description, but i had to go.


Superhuman name:Psycho
Human name (opt.):Kiffler
Powers (can't be insane. remember, you wouldn't really get a choice):
-Telekinesis-Moving things with mind
-Mind reading-reading other ppls minds
-Telepathy-Talking to ppl with mind
(sry im a bad artist)
History:Gradually learned how to use powers after being yelled at for years
Other:Likes being a cat...

(this isnt finished i just have to go)


Superhuman name: crimson flash
Human name (opt.): xzane
Powers (can't be insane. remember, you wouldn't really get a choice):
- invisibility
- picker- can pick any lock
- short range teleport- can teleport the lenghth of the room but in doing so it takes up life energy (same with invisibility) life energy can be recovered by sleeping
Ethics: good/bad depends
Appearance: has cuts and bruses all over for unowen reason looks older than he actually is
Personality: quiet suspicios and usually rather greedy for not insane with greed
History: gained his powers when he jumped out a window when he screwed up a bank job he turned invisible teleported onto a ledge then did the job again and pulled it off
Gender: male
Other: unknowen


hey peoples r u just making this rp cause u think the last one screwed up cause im still interested in it so play this one but also play the other one cause there both fun but also answer the question for the other rp can we use magic poweres pls oh and i ignored your post because it didn't show up untill i had made the other postes i'm not kidding so i didn't ignore your post but your still beating the crap out of dark gaia's men like you said but also ur being just i tiny bit two pwerful both of you cause i just keep getting beaten up so pls try 2 fix this


calm down doug. Just don't get beaten then. And by the way, my goal is to make 3 successful RPs before I am content. I've already started making notes for the third. Its gonna be the best.
Both are accepted. PS Theef, you have no idea how close you came to my last RP.
Ethics mean if you're good or bad.
Please correct ethics and we can start.


okay but i wasn't spazzing then i was just a little uneasy and i don't need to correct my ethics do i cause there correct


Hmmm... EdfRgh doesnt seem interested in these so lets get started


Aura felt a sharp pain in his back. He was at the HERO.COM base, donating his hack power to the website. He still had it, of course, its just that downloaders could download it now. Finally it finished.
"Thanks." Commander Courage said. "Hack was one of the ones we really needed."
"No problem." Aura smiled, "My pleasure."
He looked around. Wait a minute. He saw an aura though that chunk of lead. He walked around. "Show yourself!"


xzane reapered saying a puzzeled how did you find me? i was invisible


i dont get that ethics thing!


IT MEAN'S ARE YOU GOOD OR BAD YOU STUPID DUMBO (my spazz) if ur good type in good. if your bad type in bad if your neutral or both type in neutral or both


ok ill stick with good i guess...


Aura grinned. "I can see auras. I can tell by your aura you're keeping a secret from us, and now you're angry at me for revealing that. Tell us the secret."


Aura, now angry, lifted the man into the air. "WHAT IS THE SECRET????!!!!"


you know doug is at sea to sky right? he wont be back till saturday

Kay... There we are. Now a couple of review...


Theeeeef wrote:
ok im totaly not getting this why are you guys controling each others cahractors?

How are we doing that? Anyways...

Aura was still stunned, but Commander Courage crossed his arms. "You've gone far enough, Winter."
"Lord Eon is already freed, Commander" he said sarcastically, "And he wants to kill you first, and I think you know how."
Commander Courage paled, "But.. but... really? He'll go to such extreme depths just to kill me? But I'm just.. just me."
Aura shook himself out of shock and put on a confused face. "How will he kill you."
Winter answered for him. "He will bring half of your body back in time to where gallows were still used- the upper half-, and he will bring the lower half to the prehistoric times where it will be eaten by a T. Rex. You will be hanged, while being chewed on. You will die instantly, BUT YOU WILL STILL HAVE PAIN. Any questions?"


"uh" xzane said "yeah, shouldn't we be like... seting up some sort of defence or somthing because were all about to die when winter get's out from under that ice block... OH SHI* xzane swore as he quickly checked his pockets oh... wait it's still there... heh... heh... (aura and commander courage stare at xzane)... what???... heh heh... it's... nothing... (just a hint YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT HE'S HIDING FROM YOU)

oh and wyatt PLEASE JOIN MY NEW RP(s) oh and julia is going to join the SALT forum


completely un noticed until now psycho hiding suddenly used his telekenises to throw xzane into the air then thrown into the ground and having the thing in his pocket taken out and it was revealed...


... it's a memory stick dude... xzane snaced it out of the air and became invisible he then proceded to run like h e double LL (wyatt i suggest stoping him somhow


kiffler searching anywhere he could for xzane's mind to track and stop him

There we go!

Now my post:

Suddenly, Xzane froze (This is not godmodding) Aura beckoned him over, and he came reluctantly. This was just the icing on the cake of Aura's aura stuff. "Give me the memory stick." Aura said. Suddenly Winter grabbed it and started running. Aura sighed and brought him back. He loaded the memory stick while everyone watched, while not in the spell. Even Aura seemed to be transfixed...

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2 Re: HERO.COM/VILAIN.NET (Another RP) on Fri May 29, 2009 5:40 am

xzane realized what aura could do with the stick xzane then somehow demoleculerized inside of aura's body controlling aura for a few second's (this is xzane's 2nd most powerful move) he commanded aura to press the red button on the memory stick it flashed red and suddenly turned everyone in the room temporaraly blind xzane then remolecularized outside aura's body and stole the stick back xzane then ran like hell

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3 Re: HERO.COM/VILAIN.NET (Another RP) on Fri May 29, 2009 5:46 am

seeing what happened kiffler launched a wave of telekineses and grabbed everyone then sucking them into one spot and pinned them to the floor after the blindness wore off kiffler stole the memory stick stuck winter and zxane to a wall and gave the stick to the other guy

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4 Re: HERO.COM/VILAIN.NET (Another RP) on Fri May 29, 2009 5:55 am

((you mean commander courage? K. Thx btw))

Commander Courage took the stick. "Thank you."

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