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Draco (an rp)

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1 Draco (an rp) on Sun May 31, 2009 6:13 am

once there was a land called Meria it was a place were dragons existed along with humans there were all types and elements of dragons. dragons were normaly quite peaceful beings but DARC (dragon annihalation renegade crushers) wanted to harness theyre powers and take over the world. DARC has taken control of Skelaire the ruler of the under world and Anglaire the ruler of the over world. they have been taking dragons and turning them evil. you have a dragon and you choose to fight for or against DARC (if you choose DARC side youll be stronger but you NEED a weakness. if you choose anti-DARC youll be slightly weaker but have basically no weakness). after killing a bunch of opposing dragons (number is not exact and ill watch) you may evolve your dragon (get 2 more abilities and get stronger you can evolve a few times).if your on the side of darc later you may have control of more than one dragon but they share an hp bar) also your dragon used to be under skelaire or anglaire

its kinda mixed up sry


side: (DARC, Anti-DARC, Neutral)
Dragon name:
Dragon Type:(aerial, ground, water)
Dragon Element: (basicaly anything but at first cant be too over powered (no dimensonal rifts that suck in other dragons and kill them instantly (maybe in a LONG time though)))
Skelaire/Anglaire: (skelaire: curses and things like that, anglaire: buffs and heals)
weapon: (basicaly any weap)
Dragon special ability:(basicaly anything also)
charectoristics opt:
other opt:
Dragon charactoristics:


name:Dym Kilfftotren (scrambled not kiffler for last name)
gender:M (as always)
side: DARC
Dragon name:Blade
Dragon Type:Aerial
Dragon Element: Lightning
Skelaire/Anglaire: Anglaire
weapon: Dagger
dragon special ability: can dash at high speeds with a lightning barrier around him
charectoristics opt: sorta spiky black hair that points down
other opt: likes to destroy stuff for fun
Dragon charactoristics: has spiny fur pointing backwards and has a long tail with a blade on the end of it

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2 Re: Draco (an rp) on Sun May 31, 2009 5:46 pm

this rp is as bad as mine...
name: EdfRgh
gender: male
age: 28
side: Neutral
Dragon name: Err
Dragon Type: Land
Dragon Element: Magic
Weapon: Sword
Dragon Special Ability: Rage(kills anything other than bosses but only use once a week)
Dragon characteristics: Playful.

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3 Re: Draco (an rp) on Sun May 31, 2009 8:04 pm

magic isnt an element and... thanks for the encouragement!.....-_-

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