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the mafia rp

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1 the mafia rp on Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:27 am

In the world of alvres...
There lived an evil king who came by the name of "Lord Abir"...
He was a very bad ruler; he gave lots of taxes and killed anyone who opposed him...
He has been king for 20 years now...
Everyone is fed up.
So they made a secret organization called "Efir".
There goal was to overthrow the king.
You are a member of the Efir.

Type of Efir member:(villager, soldier, general)
general is for moderators and stuff(they can control soldiers but only if the soldiers choose to)
villager/soldier is for everyone
Town(op):any town(this king conquered the world Razz)
Weapon:any weapon (you can make a weapon sound legendary but there r no legendary weaps)
Character Info(put everything in here)
Name: EdfRgh
Type of Efir member: villager
Town: Seemblin City
Weapon: Smithys Hammer
Character Info: A person who works in the smithing section of the economy. Likes board games.

If you have anything negative to say about this, DONT SAY IT! PM me if you do.
Godmoding is not allowed(like if u get shot 246 times and your not dead)
If you die in battle, you have to wait 1 day to play again(the revivers are busy)

message to zephiel: swearing is allowed for insults but not like f/s word b word(y' know, bi-) is ok if it means female dog not... y'know.

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2 Re: the mafia rp on Tue Jun 02, 2009 1:48 am

Name: Kiffler Ibii
Type of Efir member: villager
Town: Bopah
Weapon: can we have guns? if so: Dragon if not: claymore
Character Info: owns a farm (if we have magic i have healing herbs if we dont i have a horse to ride on)

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