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... it's what you've all not been waiting for... it's time... FOR THE NEW FIRE EMBLEM (based) RP! fire emblem: Heaven's shadow!!!!!!!!

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the god's created 5 weapon's in the beginning as their symbol's of power each weapon had the power to lock and unlock death but only those worthy and powerful enough could use this ability they were the heavenly sword:AEthier
the magestical staff:Thani the grusome axe: Garm the twin bow and arrows: Renflache (ren-flaSH-eh) and the mighty lance: Vinteslash but there was one other that nobody knew about in fact it was so secret it didn't even have a name it was just refered to as heaven's shadow and was cast into the mortal world fixed in a stone and it could only be removed by a true hero (not to be mistaken with the sword in a stone) but then an evil ruler attacked the god's and stole thier legendary weapon's scattering all but Garm and Vinteslash across all time and space right before the god's were imprisoned they opened portal from the mortal world leading to the other legendary weapon's but in order to open them one needed heaven's shadow the god's even now are waiting waiting to be freed... and hoping the holder of the dagger will free them...


weapon of choice:
magic(if any NO cheapness):
free the god's (y/n):
looking for dagger (y/n):

my template:

age: 19
gender: (OMG THIS IS A FIRST) female
weapon of choice: bow and arrow/dagger
free the god's (y/n): Y
looking for dagger (y/n): Y
carecteristics: has long blonde hair bright blue eyes and doesn't take crap from anyone
other: want's to take down the evil god's and free the good one's because the evil one's don't embrace nature


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i dont get this much...

i really dont get this much...

i really really dont get this much...

i really really really (etc..........)

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to reply in same laguage

fire emblem=strategy game
this=extremely rushed

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ok... we can stop that now... and its basicaly like mine... rushed!

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